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The International Journal of Communication is an online, multi-media, academic journal that adheres to the highest standards of peer review and engages established and emerging scholars from anywhere in the world.

Funding for the journal has been made possible through the generous commitment of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Public access to articles in the International Journal of Communication is free of charge, at no charge to authors, and is available to all readers under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 license.

The International Journal of Communication is an interdisciplinary journal that, while centered in communication, is open and welcoming to contributions from the many disciplines and approaches that meet at the crossroads that is communication study.

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According to the latest statistics from Google Scholar, IJoC ranks 4th among all Humanities, Literature & Arts journals, and 7th among Communication journals.

Vol 16 (2022)


Table of Contents


Values and Media Literacy: Exploring the Relationship Between the Values People Prioritize in Their Life and Their Attitudes Toward Media Literacy ABSTRACT PDF
Simon Chambers, Tanya Notley, Michael Dezuanni, Sora Park 25 pgs.
Twitter and Endorsed (Fake) News: The Influence of Endorsement by Strong Ties, Celebrities, and a User Majority on Credibility of Fake News During the COVID-19 Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
Inyoung Shin, Luxuan Wang, Yi-Ta Lu 23 pgs.
Narratives to Increase Prosociality Toward Refugees ABSTRACT PDF
Elaine Paravati, Kaitlin Fitzgerald, Melanie C. Green, Cass McAllister, Melissa M. Moore 22 pgs.
Discussion Networks and Resilience of College Students: Explicating Tie Strength in Communicative Interaction Ninta Indicator Lens Amber - Rear Right Yamaha DT 100 1976-1980 PDF
Seungyoon Lee, Bailey C. Benedict, Tamara C. Guest 25 pgs.
Geographic Disparities in Knowledge Production: A Big Data Analysis of Peer-Reviewed Communication Publications from 1990 to 2019 ABSTRACT PDF
Brian Ekdale, Abby Rinaldi, Mir Ashfaquzzaman, Mehrnaz Khanjani, Frankline Matanji, Ryan Stoldt, Melissa Tully 28 pgs.
Different Effects on Different Immigrant Groups: Testing the Media’s Role in Triggering Perceptions of Economic, Cultural, and Security Threats From Immigration ABSTRACT PDF
Nora Theorin 21 pgs.
The Influence of Social Media Discussion on Son Preference in Azerbaijan: Reinforcing Norms, Bargaining With Patriarchy, Space for Dissent ABSTRACT PDF
Katy E. Pearce, Dana Donohoe, Kristen Barta, Jessica Vitak 21 pgs.
WhatsApp and Digital Astroturfing: A Social Network Analysis of Brazilian Political Discussion Groups of Bolsonaro’s Supporters ABSTRACT PDF
Viktor Chagas 25 pgs.
(Un)Veiling Our Biases: Activating Religious, Emotional, and Contextual Cues in News Media Representations of Syrian Refugees ABSTRACT PDF
Laura P. B. Partain, Andrew J. Weaver 21 pgs.
Media Use and Perceived Pollution: Does a Reinforcing Spiral Exist in China? ABSTRACT PDF
Yimin Mao 17 pgs.
Aadhaar and the Social Credit System: Personal Data Governance in India and China ABSTRACT PDF
Ralph Schroeder 17 pgs.
When Vaccine Uncertainty Prevails: Association Between Online Social Influence and COVID-19 Vaccine Intentions ABSTRACT PDF
Hue Trong Duong, Tham Thi Nguyen, Le Thanh Trieu 25 pgs.
Live and Kicking: Digital Live Broadcasting Technologies, Participating Strangers and News Mobility ABSTRACT PDF
Jonathan Ilan 20 pgs.
Facing Falsehoods: Strategies for Polite Misinformation Correction ABSTRACT PDF
Pranav Malhotra, Katy Pearce 22 pgs.
A Trade War With or Without Trump: Actual Topical Knowledge as a Moderator of Question Wording Effect on Survey Responses ABSTRACT PDF
Gabriel Miao Li, Jack Lipei Tang 20 pgs.
Motivated Responsibility Attribution in a Pandemic: Roles of Political Orientation, Perceived Severity, and Construal Level ABSTRACT PDF
Xinyan Zhao, Stephanie J. Tsang, Sifan Xu 23 pgs.
Concentration of Media Ownership in Indonesia: A Setback for Viewpoint Diversity ABSTRACT PDF
Masduki  , Leen d'Haenens 21 pgs.
Online Dating Beyond Dating Apps: An Exploration of Self-Presentation of Chinese Gay Men Dating on Zhihu ABSTRACT PDF
Longxuan Zhao, Jiacheng Liu, Zhanghao Li 19 pgs.
“Thou Shalt Not Take the Lord’s Name in Vain”: A Methodological Proposal to Identify Religious Hate Content on Digital Social Networks ABSTRACT PDF
Luiz Rogério Lopes-Silva, Rodrigo Eduardo Botelho-Francisco, Paulo Sergio da Conceição Moreira, André José Ribeiro Guimarães 22 pgs.
Risk Propensity, News Frames and Immigration Attitudes ABSTRACT PDF
Anita Gottlob, Hajo Boomgaarden 24 pgs.
Discursive Participation and Group Polarization on Facebook: The Curious Case of Pakistan’s Nationalism and Identity ABSTRACT Triple Sink Setup BBQ Smoker 36 Grill Trailer Catering Food Cart
Fatima Zahid Ali, Sergio Sparviero, Jo Pierson 25 pgs.
Network Shocks and Social Support Among Spanish, Dutch, and Italian WhatsApp Users During the First Wave of the COVID-19 Crisis: An Exploratory Analysis of Digital Social Resilience ABSTRACT PDF
Marc Esteve-Del-Valle, Elisabetta Costa, Berber Hagedoorn 20 pgs.
From Messaging to Behavioral Strategy: Constructing a Model of Relationship- and Action-Focused Crisis Communication Principles ABSTRACT PDF
Myoung-Gi Chon, Jeong-Nam Kim, Lisa Tam 23 pgs.
The Genderization of American Political Parties in Presidential Election Coverage on Network Television (1992–2020) ABSTRACT PDF
Maria Elizabeth Grabe, Ozen Bas 23 pgs.
The Ghosts of Newspapers Past: Public Interest Journalism as Movement ABSTRACT PDF
Yuan Zeng, Cherian George 20 pgs.
From Believing to Sharing: Examining the Effects of Partisan Media’s Correction of COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation ABSTRACT PDF
Shuning Lu, Lingzi Zhong 22 pgs.
Explicating the Enigma Through the Cultural Lens: Media Stereotyping as a “Ritual” ABSTRACT PDF
Miki Tanikawa 23 pgs.
The Slow Media Activism of the Spanish Pensioners’ Movement: Imaginaries, Ecologies, and Practices ABSTRACT PDF
Alejandro Barranquero, Ángel Barbas 25 pgs.
Biased Coverage of Political Rumors: Partisan Bias in the Media’s Coverage of Political Rumors in the 2017 Presidential Election in South Korea Through Issue Filtering and Framing ABSTRACT PDF
Hoon Lee, Jaeyoung Hur, Jiyoung Yeon, Hongjin Shim 21 pgs.
Indian Democracy Under Threat: The BJP’s Online Authoritarian Populism as a Means to Advance an Ethnoreligious Nationalist Agenda in the 2019 General Election ABSTRACT PDF
Gillian Bolsover 29 pgs.
A Relational Approach to Digital Sovereignty: e-Estonia Between Russia and the West ABSTRACT PDF
Stanislav Budnitsky 22 pgs.
The Silent China: Toward an Anti-Essentialism Approach for South–South Encounters ABSTRACT PDF
Weidi Zheng 20 pgs.
Normalizing Normalization: Emirati and Israeli Newspaper Framing of the Israel–Palestine Conflict Before and After the Abraham Accords ABSTRACT PDF
Mohammed el-Nawawy, Mohamad Hamas Elmasry 24 pgs.
Moving Forward Against Misinformation or Stepping Back? WhatsApp’s Forwarded Tag as an Electronically Relayed Information Cue ABSTRACT PDF
Edson C. Tandoc Jr., Sonny Rosenthal, Jerome Yeo, Zoe Ong, Tingting Yang, Shelly Malik, Mengxue Ou, Yichen Zhou, Jingwei Zheng, Hamka Afiq Bin Mohamed, Joanne Tan, Zhi Xin Lau, Jia Yao Lim 18 pgs.
Charting the Progression of a Journalism Subarea: A Meta-Analysis of Peace Journalism Scholarship ABSTRACT PDF
Adeola Abdulateef Elega, Engin Aluç, Omar Abu Arqoub, Metin Ersoy 28 pgs.
The Limits of Diversity: How Publishing Industries Make Race ABSTRACT PDF
Anamik Saha, Sandra van Lente 19 pgs.
Passionate Hiking Fan or Loving Parent? How Personalized Self-Presentation in the Media Affects the Perception of Female and Male Politicians ABSTRACT PDF
Nora Denner, Svenja Schäfer, Christian Schemer 26 pgs.
First-Generation and Continuing College Students’ Social Media Use: Divided in the Virtual World? ABSTRACT PDF
Puxin Zhang, Lian Wang, Chun Liu 19 pgs.
When Does Incidental Exposure Prompt Political Participation? Cross-National Research on the Importance of Individualism and Collectivism ABSTRACT PDF
Dam Hee Kim, Nojin Kwak 22 pgs.
China in Africa: Representation of Chinese Investments in Africa by Western, Chinese, and African Media ABSTRACT PDF
Frankline Matanji 24 pgs.
Defining and Assessing Data Privacy Transparency: A Third Study of Canadian Internet Carriers ABSTRACT PDF
Jonathan A. Obar 25 pgs.
Media Models for Nonviolence: Instagram Representations of the #Womensmarch Mass Mobilization News and Audience Engagement ABSTRACT PDF
Danielle K. Brown 19 pgs.
Visibility in Open Workspaces: Implications for Organizational Identification ABSTRACT PDF
Anu Sivunen, Karen K. Myers 21 pgs.
Tough Guys and Trucks: Early Adolescents’ Critical Analysis of Masculinity in a TV Commercial ABSTRACT PDF
Erica Scharrer, Yena Kang, Yuxi Zhou, Alina Ali Durrani, Nora Suren, Emma Butterworth 20 pgs.
Conceptualizing “Filter-ing”: Affordances, Context Collapse, and the Social Self Online ABSTRACT PDF
Saesha Kini, Manisha Pathak-Shelat, Varsha Jain 21 pgs.
“Time Well Spent”: The Ideology of Temporal Disconnection as a Means for Digital Well-Being ABSTRACT PDF
Ana Jorge, Inês Amaral, Artur de Matos Alves 22 pgs.
Digitality and Music Streaming in the Middle East: Anghami and the Burgeoning Startup Culture ABSTRACT PDF
Joe F. Khalil, Mohamed Zayani 19 pgs.
Not Yet the End of Transnational Digital Capitalism: A Communication Perspective of the U.S.–China Decoupling Rhetoric ABSTRACT PDF
Min Tang 26 pgs.
Unboxing Computational Social Media Research From a Datahermeneutical Perspective: How Do Scholars Address the Tension Between Automation and Interpretation? ABSTRACT PDF
Jakob Jünger, Stephanie Geise, Maria Hänelt 24 pgs.
Corruption in the Limelight: The Relative Influence of Traditional Mainstream and Social Media on Political Trust in Nigeria ABSTRACT PDF
Oladipupo Abdulahi Akinola, Bahiyah Omar, Lambe Kayode Mustapha 22 pgs.
“I’m Not a Robot,” or am I?: Micro-Labor and the Immanent Subsumption of the Social in the Human Computation of ReCAPTCHAs ABSTRACT PDF
Vino Avanesi, Jan Teurlings 19 pgs.
Tearing Us Apart? Muslims’ Attitudes Toward the Majority Population in Response to Differentiated Versus Undifferentiated News About Terror ABSTRACT PDF
Desirée Schmuck, Jörg Matthes, Christian von Sikorski, Mona Rahmanian, Beril Bulat 21 pgs.
Opinion Polls in Context: Partisan Embeddedness, Source Confusion, and the Effects of Socially Transmitted Polls ABSTRACT PDF
Min-Hsin Su, Douglas M. McLeod 25 pgs.
An Online Seller’s Dilemma: How a User’s Claim About Comment Deletion Affects Product Evaluation and Purchase Intention via Seller Disliking ABSTRACT PDF
Soo Yun Shin, Yue (Nancy) Dai 24 pgs.
A Critical Discourse Analysis of Antigay Discourse on Chinese Tongqi Forum ABSTRACT PDF
Ke Zhang, Jingyuan Zhang, Chao Lu 26 pgs.
Examining Communicative Forms in #TikTokDocs’ Sexual Health Videos ABSTRACT PDF
Krysten Stein, Yueyang Yao, Tanja Aitamurto 23 pgs.
A Country Comparative Analysis of International Print Media’s Framing of the COVID-19 Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
Shumaila J. Bhatti, Paul P. Billinson, Lauren A. Cornell, Ashmita Das, Courtney Gammon, Lauren O. Kelly, Jeongwon Yang, Silje Kristiansen 27 pgs.
Places for Identification in the Blame Game: An Exploration of Rhetorical Diplomacy in a U.S.–China Twitter Clash ABSTRACT PDF
Lassi Rikkonen, Pekka Isotalus, Hiski Haukkala 22 pgs.
A Postmodern Analysis of Intralingual Subtitles in China’s Web-Only Variety Shows: A Case of Mars Intelligence Agency ABSTRACT PDF
Siwen Lu, Sijing Lu 21 pgs.
Hybrid Self-Repairs in Everyday Misinformation Sharing ABSTRACT PDF
Abdul Rohman 19 pgs.
#NoJusticeNoLeBron and the Persistence of Messianic Masculinity in Black Athlete Activism ABSTRACT PDF
Timothy Piper 23 pgs.
The Criminal is Always the Foreigner?! A Case Study of Minority Signification in German Crime Reporting ABSTRACT PDF
Azade Esther Kakavand, Damian Trilling 28 pgs.
All News Is Not the Same: Divergent Effects of News Platforms on Civic and Political Participation ABSTRACT PDF
Nuri Kim, Andrew Duffy, Edson C. Tandoc, Jr., Rich Ling 26 pgs.
News Won’t Find Me? Exploring Inequalities in Social Media News Use With Tracking Data ABSTRACT PDF
Lisa Merten, Nadia Metoui, Mykola Makhortykh, Damian Trilling, Judith Moeller 21 pgs.
Identity Matters: The Cultural Logics of Animation Production and Distribution in the Arab World ABSTRACT PDF
Omar Sayfo 18 pgs.
Insurgent-Generated Content and Framing of “The New Internationalist Commune” of Rojava ABSTRACT PDF
Buket Oztas, Marta N. Lukacovic 26 pgs.
How to Make Sense of Nonsense: Political Absurdity and Parodic Memes in the #Sharpiegate Affair ABSTRACT PDF
Christian Pentzold, Conrad Zuber, Florian Osterloh, Denise J. Fechner 26 pgs.
Who Portrayed It as “The Chinese Virus”? An Analysis of the Multiplatform Partisan Framing in U.S. News Coverage About China in the COVID-19 Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
Yiyan Zhang, Briana Trifiro 24 pgs.
Opting for Polarizing Emotions: Strategies of Czech Pro-Vaccination Discussants in the Emotionalized Public Sphere and Debate on a Measles Epidemic ABSTRACT PDF
Lenka Vochocová, Dino Numerato, Tereza Sedláčková 21 pgs.
Virtual Camp: LGBTQ Youths’ Collective Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
Traci Kristin Gillig, Jared Macary, Ron Price 25 pgs.
Partisan Selective Exposure as Discussion Preparation: The Role of Discussion Expectations and Entertainment Options ABSTRACT PDF
Mingxiao Sui, Raymond J. Pingree 23 pgs.
Young Muslim Women’s Negotiation of Authenticity on Instagram ABSTRACT PDF
Alila Pramiyanti, Evonne Miller, Glenda Caldwell, Eri Kurniawan 23 pgs.
Credibility as a Differentiation and Relational Strategy: A Functional Analysis of CNN’s Unprecedented Democratic Climate Crisis Town Hall Forum QUARTER MIDGET RACE HARNESS LATCH & LINK UNIVERSAL BELT FLOOR MT PDF
Diana Zulli, Meaghan McKasy 19 pgs.
Music Challenge Memes on TikTok: Understanding In-Group Storytelling Videos ABSTRACT PDF
Arantxa Vizcaíno-Verdú, Crystal Abidin 26 pgs.
Vice-Presidential Candidates, Language Frames, and Functions Across Two Continental Divides: An Analysis of Acceptance Speeches ABSTRACT PDF
Nana Kwame Osei Fordjour, Etse Sikanku 19 pgs.
Message Persuasion in the Pandemic: U.S. and Chinese Respondents’ Reactions to Mediating Mechanisms of Efficacy ABSTRACT PDF
He Gong, Miaohong Huang, Xiyuan Liu 24 pgs.
TikTok Politics: Tit for Tat on the India–China Cyberspace Frontier ABSTRACT PDF
Megha Mishra, Pu Yan, Ralph Schroeder 26 pgs.
Internet Uses for General, Health-Related, and Smoking Cessation Information Seeking from Gender and Uses and Gratifications Frameworks ABSTRACT champro low rise softball pant womens small new scarlet
Zhiwen Xiao, Jaesub Lee, Li Zeng 25 pgs.
Data Privacy Literacy as a Subversive Instrument to Datafication ABSTRACT PDF
Velislava Hillman 22 pgs.
What If Unmotivated Is More Dangerous? The Motivation-Contingent Effectiveness of Misinformation Correction on Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Fan Yang, Holly Overton 27 pgs.
Advocating “Refugees” for Social Justice: Questioning Victimhood and Voice in NGOs’ Use of Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Dokyum Kim 21 pgs.
“No Geek Girls”: Boundary-Work and Gendered Identity in the Israeli Geek Community ABSTRACT PDF
Hadas Gur-Ze'ev, Neta Kligler-Vilenchik 19 pgs.
#Egyptiangirl and #Tunisiangirl: The (Micro)Politics of Self-Presentation on Instagram ABSTRACT Ranger Serviseal Closure Preformed Line Products 8006137 PN: 070
Soumia Bardhan 19 pgs.
From Ignorance to Distrust: The Public “Discovery” of COVID-19 Around International Women’s Day in Spain ABSTRACT PDF
Marta Martín-Llaguno, María Teresa Ballestar, Miguel Cuerdo-Mir, Jorge Sainz 28 pgs.
Time for Climate Action? Political Actors’ Uses of Twitter to Focus Public Attention on the Climate Crisis During the 2019 Danish General Election ABSTRACT PDF
Julie Uldam, Tina Askanius 24 pgs.
Nationalizing Truth: Digital Practices and Influences of State-Affiliated Media in a Time of Global Pandemic and Geopolitical Decoupling ABSTRACT PDF
Weiai Wayne Xu, Rui Wang 29 pgs.
Celebrity Politicians, Digital Campaigns, and Performances of Political Legitimacy in Indonesia’s 2019 Elections ABSTRACT PDF
Annisa R. Beta, Taberez Ahmed Neyazi 25 pgs.
AMA y No Olvida Collectivizing Memory Against Impunity: Transmedia Memory Practices, Modular Visibility, and Activist Participatory Design in Nicaragua ABSTRACT PDF
Emilia Yang Rappaccioli 22 pgs.
A Stronghold of Climate Change Denialism in Germany: Case Study of the Output and Press Representation of the Think Tank EIKE ABSTRACT PDF
Jose A. Moreno, Mira Kinn, Marta Narberhaus 22 pgs.
Tracing-Technology Adoption During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Multifaceted Role of Social Norms ABSTRACT PDF
Sarah Geber, Thomas N. Friemel 20 pgs.
ISIS Media and Troop Withdrawal Announcements: Visualizing Community and Resilience Genuine OEM Hood Seal for BMW 51767462096 PDF
Ayse Deniz Lokmanoglu, Carol K. Winkler, Kayla McMinimy, Monerah Almahmoud 32 pgs.
Smart Speakers Require Smart Management: Two Routes From User Gratifications to Privacy Settings ABSTRACT PDF
Kun Xu, Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, Fanjue Liu 23 pgs.
I Was Born to Love AI: The Influence of Social Status on AI Self-Efficacy and Intentions to Use AI ABSTRACT PDF
Joo-Wha Hong 20 pgs.
Bolsonaro and the Far Right: How Disinformation About COVID-19 Circulates on Facebook in Brazil ABSTRACT PDF
Raquel Recuero, Felipe Bonow Soares, Otávio Vinhas, Taiane Volcan, Luís Ricardo Goulart Hüttner, Victória Silva 24 pgs.
TV Inside the Psychiatric Hospital: Patient Experiences ABSTRACT PDF
Kjersti Blehr Lånkan, Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud 18 pgs.
Convergence and Divergence: The Evolution of Climate Change Frames Within and Across Public Events ABSTRACT PDF
Yingying Chen, Kjerstin Thorson, John Lavaccare 23 pgs.
The Impact of Social Media Use on Online Collective Action During China’s COVID-19 Pandemic Mitigation: A Social Identity Model of Collective Action (SIMCA) Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Xin Zhao, Mengfei Guan, Xinya Liang 22 pgs.
From Hoops to Hope: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Political Fandom on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Nathian Shae Rodriguez, Nadia Goretti 20 pgs.
What to Expect? The Role of Media Technologies in Refugees’ Resettlement ABSTRACT PDF
Heike Graf 17 pgs.
Framing Covid-19: Constitutional Versus Demagogic Rhetoric in Presidential Messaging ABSTRACT PDF
William Youmans, Babak Bahador 24 pgs.
How to Manage Public Condemnation: Political Scandals in Russia ABSTRACT PDF
Galina Lukyanova, Arkadii Solovev 23 pgs.
More Articles

Special Sections

Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Karen Arriaza Ibarra 4 pgs.
Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| Denaturalizing Digital Platforms: Is Mass Individualization Here to Stay? ABSTRACT PDF
Robin Mansell, W. Edward Steinmueller 21 pgs.
Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| The Success of Spanish Series on Traditional Television and SVoD Platforms: From El Ministerio del Tiempo to La Casa de Papel ABSTRACT PDF
Karen Arriaza Ibarra, Celina Navarro 22 pgs.
Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| Which Is to Be Master? Competition Law or Regulation in Platform Markets ABSTRACT PDF
Natascha Just 21 pgs.
Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| Public Service Broadcasting in the Online Television Environment: The Case for PSB VoD Players and the Role of Policy Focusing on the BBC iPlayer ABSTRACT PDF
Maria Michalis 20 pgs.
Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| The “Netflix Tax”: An Analysis of Investment Obligations for On-Demand Audiovisual Services in the European Union ABSTRACT PDF
Catalina Iordache, Tim Raats, Karen Donders 21 pgs.
Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| Fragility and Empowerment: Community Television in the Digital Era ABSTRACT PDF
Andrew Ó Baoill, Salvatore Scifo 19 pgs.
Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| Commissioning and Independent Television Production: Power, Risk, and Creativity ABSTRACT PDF
Anna Zoellner 19 pgs.
More Special Sections


Forum on Gandy's The Panoptic Sort| Forum on Gandy's The Panoptic Sort — Introduction PDF
Larry P. Gross 2 pgs.
Forum on Gandy's The Panoptic Sort| Reflections on The Panoptic Sort PDF
Mike Ananny 3 pgs.
Forum on Gandy's The Panoptic Sort| Sorting the Future PDF
John Cheney-Lippold 3 pgs.
Forum on Gandy's The Panoptic Sort| Lessons From The Panoptic Sort PDF
Kate Crawford 3 pgs.
Forum on Gandy's The Panoptic Sort| The Panoptic Sort (2nd ed.): An Appreciation PDF
Lisa Nakamura 2 pgs.
Forum on Gandy's The Panoptic Sort| Prescience and Integrity in The Panoptic Sort PDF
Joseph Turow 3 pgs.
Forum on Gandy's The Panoptic Sort| A Turn to Gandy From Inside The Panoptic Sort PDF
Diami Virgilio 5 pgs.
Forum on Gandy's The Panoptic Sort| Oscar’s Comments on These Generous Reviews PDF
Oscar H. Gandy, Jr. 3 pgs.
Lazarsfeld's Legacy| Lazarsfeld's Legacy — Introduction PDF
Jefferson Pooley, Hynek Jeřábek 4 pgs.
Lazarsfeld's Legacy| His Master's Voice PDF
Elihu Katz 8 pgs.
Lazarsfeld's Legacy| Paul Lazarsfeld: Living in Circles and Talking Around Tables ABSTRACT PDF
David E. Morrison 10 pgs.
Lazarsfeld's Legacy| A Socialism of Empiricism, Not Ideology: Paul Lazarsfeld and Commitment in Social Research ABSTRACT PDF
Joseph Malherek 10 pgs.
Lazarsfeld's Legacy| Paul Lazarsfeld’s Methodological Innovations and Their Importance Today ABSTRACT PDF
Hynek Jeřábek 10 pgs.
Lazarsfeld's Legacy| Paul Lazarsfeld and the Limited Effect of McCarthyism on the Academic Mind ABSTRACT PDF
Hans-Joerg Tiede 9 pgs.
Lazarsfeld's Legacy| Research and Publishing at the Bureau of Applied Social Research: The Gendering of Commercial and Academic Work ABSTRACT PDF
Elena D. Hristova 9 pgs.
Lazarsfeld's Legacy| Beyond Marienthal: The Relationship Between Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann and Paul F. Lazarsfeld ABSTRACT PDF
Ralph E. Schmidt, Thomas Petersen 9 pgs.
Lazarsfeld's Legacy| Paul Lazarsfeld’s Understanding of the 1948 Electoral World and 2020 ABSTRACT PDF
Anthony Oberschall 8 pgs.
More Forum


Political Identity and the Therapeutic Work of U.S. Conservative Media ABSTRACT PDF
Anthony Nadler 13 pgs.
More Features

Book Reviews

Melissa Aronczyk and Maria I. Espinoza, A Strategic Nature: Public Relations and the Politics of American Environmentalism PDF
Reviewed by Stephanie Hill 3 pgs.
Matthew Powers and Adrienne Russell (Eds.), Rethinking Media Research for Changing Societies PDF
Reviewed by Yangge Zhang 3 pgs.
Jen Hoyer and Nora Almeida, The Social Movement Archive PDF
Reviewed by Benjamin Heim Shepard 3 pgs.
Sun-ha Hong, Technologies of Speculation: The Limits of Knowledge in a Data-Driven Society PDF
Reviewed by Paige Anne Von Feldt 3 pgs.
Marta Pérez-Escolar and José Manuel Noguera-Vivo (Eds.), Hate Speech and Polarization in Participatory Society PDF
Reviewed by Raymie E. McKerrow 3 pgs.
Tarleton Gillespie, Custodians of the Internet: Platforms, Content Moderation, and the Hidden Decisions That Shape Social Media PDF
Reviewed by Krysten Stein 3 pgs.
Matthew Crain, Profit Over Privacy: How Surveillance Advertising Conquered the Internet PDF
Reviewed by Oscar H. Gandy, Jr. 3 pgs.
Historical and Contemporary Representations of Youth and Teens in Media Fictions PDF
Reviewed by Lauren Alexandra Sowa 5 pgs.
João Freire (Ed.), Nation Branding in Europe PDF
Reviewed by Radoslaw Sajna-Kunowsky 3 pgs.
Jennifer Porst, Broadcasting Hollywood: The Struggle Over Feature Films on Early TV PDF
Reviewed by Amanda Cattel 3 pgs.
Tarry Hum, Ron Hayduk, Francois Pierre-Louis Jr., and Michael Alan Krasner (Eds.), Immigrant Crossroads: Globalization, Incorporation, and Placemaking in Queens, New York PDF
Reviewed by Benjamin Heim Shepard 4 pgs.
Gerard Goggin, Apps: From Mobile Phones to Digital Lives PDF
Reviewed by Jessica Roberts 3 pgs.
Ben Jacobsen and David Beer, Social Media and the Automatic Production of Memory: Classification, Ranking and the Sorting of the Past PDF
Reviewed by Ngai Keung Chan 3 pgs.
Tama Leaver, Tim Highfield, and Crystal Abidin, Instagram: Visual Social Media Cultures PDF
Reviewed by Sophia E. Du Val 3 pgs.
Paul S. Hirsch, Pulp Empire: The Secret History of Comic Book Imperialism PDF
Reviewed by Joshua A. Braun 4 pgs.
Chris Ingraham, Gestures of Concern PDF
Reviewed by Thomas A. Discenna 3 pgs.
Jonathan Gray, Dislike-Minded: Media, Audiences, and the Dynamics of Taste PDF
Reviewed by Katerina Girginova 3 pgs.
Pieter Verdegem (Ed.), AI for Everyone? Critical Perspectives PDF
Reviewed by Yanling Zhu 4 pgs.
Kathleen Belew and Ramόn A. Gutiérrez (Eds.), A Field Guide to White Supremacy PDF
Reviewed by Julia R. DeCook 3 pgs.
Eva M. Gomez-Jimenez and Michael Toolan (Eds.), The Discursive Construction of Economic Inequality: CADS Approaches to the British Media PDF
Reviewed by Hong Lei, Zhanhao Jiang 3 pgs.
Philip Seib, Information at War: Journalism, Disinformation, and Modern Warfare PDF
Reviewed by Andrei G. Richter 4 pgs.
Craig Robertson, The Filing Cabinet: A Vertical History of Information PDF
Reviewed by Danielle R. Mehlman-Brightwell 3 pgs.
Ezra Klein, Why We're Polarized PDF
Reviewed by João Carlos Sousa 3 pgs.
Natalia Konstantinovskaia, The Language of Feminine Beauty in Russian and Japanese Societies PDF
Reviewed by Chao Lu 4 pgs.
Sarah Florini, Beyond Hashtags: Racial Politics and Black Digital Networks PDF
Reviewed by Elizabeth R. Hornsby 3 pgs.
Amber L. Hutchins and Natalie T. J. Tindall (Eds.), Public Relations and Online Engagement: Audiences, Fandom and Influencers PDF
Reviewed by Hannah Block 4 pgs.
Shira Chess, Play Like a Feminist PDF
Reviewed by Maria Sommers 3 pgs.
Paul Byron, Digital Media, Friendship and Cultures of Care PDF
Reviewed by Jamie Hoholuk 3 pgs.
Raul P. Lejano and Shondel J. Nero, The Power of Narrative: Climate Skepticism and the Deconstruction of Science PDF
Reviewed by Ryland Shaw 3 pgs.
Tim Hwang, Subprime Attention Crisis: Advertising and the Time Bomb at the Heart of the Internet PDF
Reviewed by Bridget Barrett 4 pgs.
Meenakshi Gigi Durham, MeToo: The Impact of Rape Culture in the Media PDF
Reviewed by Sophie Maddocks 3 pgs.
More Book Reviews

ISSN: 1932-8036